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Duo Diamonds are female djs, singers, songwriters and fresh names on EDM scene.
Their philosophy is reflected in lyrics and songs.
The single "Go Away Melancholy" was released on Dutch label - Musical Madness and supported by the owner and the cofounder of the label, the legendary producer Marcel Woods.
The girls spinning at clubs and festivals all around the world from Ibiza to Japan.
In-demand and beloved across the globe Duo Diamonds visited more than 50 countries.
They have successfully cooperated with Fashion TV for two years, on the official FTV channels you can see Duo Diamonds video clips and live videos, that supported by FTV and promote all over the world.
Also Duo Diamonds began collaboration with VEVO and launched own official channel.
Now Duo Diamonds are preparing the first album which will be released in the end of 2014

E-mail: booking@diamonds-duo.com
Tel.: +380961965185
Skype: Alex_A.E.G.

Релиз нового трека Duo Diamonds - Go Away Melancholy состоится на голландском лейбле Musical Madness

26 мая на голландском лейбле Musical Madness состоится релиз трека Duo Diamonds – Go Away Melancholy.

Недавно подписанный на голландском лейбле Musical Madness украинский проект Duo Diamonds дебютирует с сильным мелодичным электро-хаус треком, самобытной лирикой и манерой пения.

Так выразился легендарный Марсель Вудс (Marcel Woods) диджей, продюсер и сооснователь лейбла Musical Madness поддержав трек девушек и подписав Duo Diamonds на собственном лейбле.

Превью трека уже можно услышать на официальном youtube канале Duo Diamonds


Презентация клипа на трек Go Away Melancholy состоится в день релиза трека – 26 мая.

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Duo Diamonds – Star Trek Radio 01 by Duo Diamonds

0 / 128 kbps / 57:39 / 52.86 MB / Electro House

Duo Diamonds – Duo Diamonds | February 2014 mix

0 / 128 kbps / 50:30 / 46.24 MB / Electro House

Duo Diamonds – GTA & Zoofunktion - Hit It Baby (Duo Diamonds mashup)

0 / 320 kbps / 5:54 / 13.53 MB / Progressive House

Duo Diamonds – Dedicated To Heroes (Progressive/Electro House)

0 / 128 kbps / 51:30 / 47.20 MB / Electro House

Duo Diamonds – Quintino vs. Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite Dynamite (Duo Diamonds mashup)

0 / 320 kbps / 4:54 / 11.22 MB / Progressive House

Duo Diamonds


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